“To the Master I serve the Lord’s promise was given, Sit here at my right hand while I make thy enemies a footstool under thy feet. The Lord will make thy empire spring up like a branch out of Sion; thou art to bear rule in the midst of thy enemies. “.                  Ps 110:1-2 Knox

I am breathless to think of the One I serve being a warrior for righteousness. He Who stooped infinitely low to become part of a race of the creatures He formed to reign over His empire, but who chose instead servitude to their dark side. He came as a servant, a peasant, a Messenger of redemption from the fatal fall and was subjected to the ridicule of religion and reason. The forces of darkness conspired against Him and He yielded – all for the sake of us perverse obtuse people. He came from a place beyond our experience to invite us to participate, and we responded with suspicion, indignation and autonomous scorn. What has been historically revealed so far shows a Person moved with inconceivable love to endure rejection and apparent failure. We have necklaces with him hanging on the culture’s shameful instrument of death – the cross – in His underwear. I am so glad that this is not the end of the story!

He is coming back a second time to this little ball of mud that had the temerity to crucify the Lord of Life! But next time there will be no mistaking His kingship. He told Pilate His kingdom was not of this world. The Gospels evidence His lordship over that realm. How unexpected for principalities, cosmic powers, rulers of this present (but passing) darkness that He would identify with mankind in a way that led Him to suppress His power and submit to punishment that was not even His. How startling it must have been for them to watch in amazement as He endured our pain and judgment so that He could be our king in redemption as well as our rightful king by creation. Those in their number who had rejected His rule were irretrievably lost, and yet here he was recovering these frail insolent subjects.

The echoes of God’s incredible kindness leak out of every heartwarming piece of literature ever written. The hope of unmerited love draws us to goodness and mercy in our own lives. Mankind at his best is but a faint reflection of terrifying goodness. I am ravished at the love that God has extended – not only to mankind, but to me personally. I relish His kindnessses at every turn of my life. His encouragement and course correction at every reading of His Word. His presence in every delight of nature and companions. And I grieve to the core of my being as He is dismissed, explained away, or doctrinalized.

I cannot wait for the day when He comes to set all things right. When He destroys the powers of darkness once and far all. When He will rewind the wrongs to set things right for what we bent creatures have inflicted on one another.

“All my heart goes out to the Lord in thanksgiving… Chant we the Lord’s wondrous doings, delight and study of all who love him. Ever his deeds are high and glorious, faithful he abides to all eternity. Great deeds that he keeps still in remembrance! He the Lord is kind and merciful… No act but shows him just and faithful; of his decrees there is no relenting. Perpetual time shall leave them changeless; right and truth are their foundation. So he has brought our race deliverance; to all eternity stands his covenant. Unutterable his name and terrible; vain without his fear is learning. Wise evermore are you who follow it; yours the prize that lasts forever.”
Psalm 111 Knox

He is my prize? Breathtaking!!!!