What is it that keeps us going, that makes us get out of bed every day? A relationship, cause, career, family, or an enthusiasm for life? Years and circumstance sculpt and reshape the direction and affection of our hearts. Tragedy, loss, success and reputation catapult our hopes and dreams into something unexpected and often unprepared for. We find our hearts reeling in an effort to make sense of our existence! Or perhaps left unchallenged by interference to our lifestyle, we drift like a leaf on the streams of cultural confusion, undisturbed by the pesky questions of meaning and purpose. Life is merely a set of experiences – just do it! The majority of us anesthetize our uncertain existence with drugs, alcohol, media, music, drama, a to-do list, medications, relationships, electronics, or a myriad of distracting diversions. As long as I don’t feel bad, then everything is ok.

imageOne of many things I enjoy as a child of God is the thrill of an eternal attachment, the attention and affection of an Unlimited Power who is the Ultimate Person. I may never make sense of what I see around me or what I experience in this side of life, but I have the profound security that the One Who has called me to trust Him has it all under His control, and that He will make it all work out for the best – for everyone willing to allow that. I have the contentment of knowing that the life that is yet to be revealed far transcends the life that I see, with all the injustice, cruelty and hate that this world spawns. It is not like the spurious and unprovable promise of seventy two virgins that motivates deadly religious fervor – it is the promise of One Who has given His word to a thousand generations and has consistently and provably kept that word.

Our talents, strength, intellectual prowess and social status will more than likely diminish as we get older and weaker. I have watched relatives and neighbors as their worlds shrink and abilities fade. Very few come through the process with joy and hope. My father in law went from living in a huge house with a thriving business to now living in a studio apartment without a bedroom. Physically he can hardly hear or see. He has a dresser, a desk, a tv and a recliner. His life has narrowed but his heart, grieved with the loss of loved ones and saddened by his inabilities, nevertheless is full of hope. What a beautiful rarity! That attitude springs from the expectation of living in a continuing kingdom which rewards the faith that is willing to admit its need for an Advocate. Jesus forgives failures of the heart and will in some amazing way eradicate the unrighteousness and effects of people who make themselves god. Nothing good will be lost and everything bad will be altered and reworked to faith’s advantage. Every tear comforted, every pain dissolved, every sorrow erased, every hope realized. Seems to good to be true!

But I am putting my money – well my entire eternal existence – on the One Whose unlikely promises throughout the ages past have materialized! He has invited all of us, and He is delighted to welcome those who RSVP with their trust!

Come Lord Jesus come!!!